Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I've recently submitted, on behalf of my wife, a Visa application to visit the US on a short holiday trip. My daughter and I are part of the Visa waiver program so we just had to get our ESTAs sorted out.

There is one issue though, when filling out my wife's ds160, I selected "B2 Tourism/Medical treatment" as the type of Visa instead of "B1 & B2 Business and leisure (temporary visitor). At the time, since I knew the tourist visa is the B2, it made more sense to select the one I did to avoid confusion. In my native language, the / means and/or so it would become "Tourism and/or medical treatment".

I have already booked the interview at the US embassy but I'm not sure if this mistake will be an issue and we should try to submit a new application and rebook the the appointment. The problem is the application is 199USD and the appointment is 160USD which I've already paid.