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With places going on lock down, I am concerned about my options should things become unsafe.

I am a student renting a room in one of the cities in the UK, a few hours away from London by car. My family lives in London. I am concerned about a complete lock down being implemented as I don't know if travelling to my family would be considered necessary travel, even if there start being reports of people breaking into houses. For obvious reasons, if this starts happening I would like to be as close to my family as possible. Right now, with universities still insisting that coursework and exams will be take place (even if remotely), moving back with my family would essentially be sabotaging myself due to issues at home to the point where I might fail university just like I failed my A-Levels, and this is my last year.

What are the chances that I won't be able to travel/move in back with my family during the next few months?