Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

Well my simple bathroom refresh has become a full on gut and remodel. I ripped out the tub/shower and plan on turning it into a large walk in shower approx 43" × 72". Since I already have 2 complete and separate sets of plumbing, and I plan on putting 2 shower heads each with a couple body sprayers. I was thinking it would be wise to use both drains as well, that is easy enough.

My question/problem is, I want to use Schluter Kerdi shower pan system, as this is my first shower. Would it be unwise to take two of 48" × 48" shower pans and cut them down to fit my space, so I can incorporate both drains? I'm afraid cutting them each down so much will reduce the grade of the slope, and be basically counter productive to the purpose of wanting 2 drains. The house was built in the 2000s so it has 2" drain pipes, and to be honest there will probably be very few times all of the shower heads/sprayers will be used at the same time. Am I making this overly complicated? Should I just cut/cap one of the drains, or will my plan provide the benefit I am hoping for (better drainage)?