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I am a French citizen, legally married to a US citizen. I currently live in Germany while my husband lives in the US.

I was supposed to fly to the US on Sunday (March 15) on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to visit my husband in the US for two weeks (until March 30). I am wondering if I can still get on the flight, and whether I should.

It is clear in the presidential proclamation that the travel restriction does not apply to spouses of US citizens. However I wonder how this is enforced. I travel with my French passport and an ESTA (visa waiver), I do not have any spouse visa or anything. Is it the airline who decides to let me on the flight? Or is it up to the immigration officer once I arrive in the US?

I also don't know if the flight is going to be cancelled. As far as the flight status shows, it is not cancelled, but I wouldn't trust that.

To make matters more difficult for myself, I got a United reservation through Chase's travel rewards program for a flight operated by Lufthansa. If the flight is cancelled or I cannot get on it, any idea who I should turn to for reimbursement? So far I have not been able to get a hold of Lufthansa customer service, they must be overloaded. I have not yet tried United or Chase.

Sorry this is such a specific and self-interested question, I just thought some of you might have similar situations or more information to share.